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TCRM Security

Provide high-level investigation services such as corporate, criminal, risk management, security consulting, and Supply Chain Investigations.

Transamerican Consulting
& Risk Management

Transamerican Consulting & Risk Management (TCRM) is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and has a subsidiary in Mexico City, Mexico, and associated companies in Brazil, Colombia, and the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean.

TCRM provide high-level investigation services such as corporate, criminal, product counterfeiting, diversion of products to the black market, risk assessments, inventories, theft of products in transit, financial irregularities, fraud, bribery, diversion of corporate funds, theft of assets, supply chain, protective services for individuals and companies; among other.

We offer expert solutions to a variety of clients in most areas of the United States, Mexico, Central, and South America.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-level investigative, risk management, and protection services to a variety of clients with Quality, Professionalism, and Discretion.

Quality: We provide superior services by efficiently and accurately focusing our years of experience and training on the individual needs of our customers.  We continuously study and evaluate our own activities with the purpose of understanding where and how we can improve so we can continue to provide the best performance in the business.

Professionalism: We interact with our clients in a professional, respectful, and courteous fashion, always looking after our client’s best interests.  We provide professional service with transparency, integrity, and flexibility.

Discretion: We strive to provide excellence in a discrete and effective manner, always ensuring that our client’s privacy is preserved.

Maximize your security

TCRM’s well-trained, experienced Personal Protection Officers (PPOs) protect at the highest level to keep our clients safe and comfortable while they travel and conduct business within the confines of a city or from country to country.

Our Services

TCRM provides customized packages individually designed according to our client’s needs.

Due diligence, background investigations, and discrete surveillance.

TCRM’s team can conduct internal investigations of a small or large corporation.

Our experienced Personal Protection Officers protect at the highest level.

TCRM’s guards monitor your business and maintain accurate reports.

Supply Chain
Security Investigations

Supply Chain Security ensures that our client’s products can be safely transported within domestic and international markets in a continuous and secure manner.